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How do I read my electricity meter?

Here are the different types of gas and electricity meters and how to read them.

Single-rate meter

Write down the five numbers shown from left to right, ignoring the last number or numbers, which may be shown in red. Here the meter reading is 07220.

Two-rate meter

For top and bottom rows, write down the numbers shown left to right. Ignore the last number or numbers, which may be shown in red. Here the readings are 56315 and 27457.

Two-rate single display meter

Some two-rate meters only have one digital display. They’ll either alternate between the two readings or you’ll need to press the button to make the display cycle through the readings for each rate.

Dial meter

Read the first five dials from left to right, ignoring the dial marked 1/10. Checking which way each dial turns, write down the number that the pointer has just passed, which will be the lower of the two numbers either side of the pointer. The meter reading here is 76416.

Having problems with your meter?

If your meter has stopped or you’re having other problems reading your meter, call us on 0800 952 0001.