Our energy supply partner, Robin Hood Energy, have announced their sale to British Gas. Please click on the customer update banner for our latest FAQs. You can also email us at customerservice@yourenergysussex.org.uk

Pay by Direct Debit

Monthly fixed Direct Debit

With a monthly fixed Direct Debit, we set an amount that automatically comes out of your bank account on a set day of each month. This amount is based on the information we receive about your energy usage – either using the figures you provide when you get your first quote, or after a six-monthly review of your energy use. We know that you would use more energy during the winter months and we factor this into your monthly payments as well. But the fixed monthly amount is calculated to cover a year’s consumption in equal payments.

If you regularly overpay then you will build up credit on your account and we’ll reduce your fixed monthly Direct Debit amount.

If your monthly payments are usually too low to cover the energy you use, we’ll write to you letting you know we need to increase your payments so that you don’t build up too much debt.

If you get behind on your bills, you can also choose to make one-off payment by debit or credit card in addition to your fixed monthly payment.

Monthly fixed Direct Debit payments are reviewed and re-assessed every six months. Your statement may be adjusted each time a re-assessment is made, in order to better reflect your usage.

Monthly variable Direct Debit

With a monthly variable Direct Debit, you simply pay for the energy you use each month. Energy use fluctuates across the year, so this means that your payment in June could be very different to your payment in January.