Northcourt Road, Worthing

Northcourt Road, Worthing

Behaviour change and home improvements deliver impressive results

Northcourt Rd

The owners of this Victorian house in Worthing are making incremental improvements and changing their own behaviour to produce some impressive energy saving results.

The couple have increased energy efficiency by 10-15% by replacing the old, inefficient boiler with a modern condensing model and heating controls. Double glazed timber sash windows have been fitted at the back of the house and the owners are considering upgrading the front windows with cost-effective acrylic magnetic double glazing. There are plans to upgrade the existing loft insulation, particularly between the joists.

Electricity usage has been halved by changing behaviour and avoiding wastage. Low-energy lighting, particularly LEDs, are steadily being introduced throughout the house. The installation of solar PV has been discounted due to the size of the available roof space and, with two people living at the property, they have also decided that solar thermal offers limited potential for the time being.

The owners have also adopted a deliberately sustainable lifestyle by producing food from their garden and allotment, harvesting rainwater for use in cultivation, avoiding car use where possible, buying fewer new consumer goods.

Case study reproduced with kind permission of Worthing Eco Open Houses and the homeowner.